Smart Living Steam Mop Plus Review 2020

Smart Living Steam Mop Plus has been designed in a way that it does not cause any damage to the floors and it does not have any negative effect on the environment. So, today I have brought to you Smart Living Steam Mop Plus Review. This is a complete detailed review with features, pros, and cons of Smart Living Steam Mop Plus.

Having a clean floor is always important at all times. This is mainly because the room with a clean floor always looks attractive and elegant. Having a clean floor is also healthy especially for people with small children because kids often play on the floor and have less immunity from bacteria, germs on the floor. Consequently, it is paramount to ensure that the floor is cleaned in the right manner. Traditionally it was necessary to use chemicals and detergents so as to clean the floors. These chemicals and detergents have components that have negative effects on the environment.

Furthermore, cleaning the floors required a lot of work and use of things which could easily damage the floors. Therefore, Smart Living, one of the most trusted brands have launched Smart Living Steam Mop Plus product.


Smart Living Steam Mop Plus Review

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smart living steam mop plus review

The main aspect of this steam mop is that it is designed in a way that it can remove even the hard stains on the floor. This is helpful because some stains are hard to remove where they make even new floors look old.

This particular steam mop has the ability to remove such stains in floors made of different materials including ceramic floor tiles, vinyl, and wood laminate floors. Besides cleaning it also sanitize the floors to enhance health.

All this is made possible because of the various features and specifications of this steam mop from Smart Living.


Features and Specifications of Smart Living Steam Mop Plus

  • The main feature of the Smart Living steam mop plus is that it uses steam to do the cleaning as its name suggest. When the steam mop is switched on it turns the water into steam by raising the temperature to about 110°. This means that there is no production of fumes and other things that can have a negative effect on the environment.


  • Putting the water into the steam mop is simple where there is even a user manual to guide users on how to add the water. One just needs to remove the grey colored knob that is in the front area of the steam mop. One should then pour the water into the canister and then put the knob back.


  • This steam mop only use distilled water mainly because this type of water is pure and does not have substances that can affect its temperature or produce unwanted substances.


  • Another important feature of this particular steam mop from Smart Living is that it uses reusable microfibre pads. These smart living steam mop pads can be removed, cleaned and then used again after some time. Cleaning the smart living steam mop pads is simple where they can be cleaned just like any other piece of cloth. The pads are also easy to remove and put back where the instructions for doing this are included in the user manual.


  • The pads are designed in a manner that they can do the cleaning effectively without damaging the floor. This is helpful because it makes this particular steam mop ideal for cleaning almost any kind of floor including some kinds of carpets.


  • Using this steam mop is easy and can be done by almost anyone. It is designed in a way that one just needs to stand upright and direct the mop to the areas which need to be cleaned. People can use the steam mop for long hours without getting unnecessarily tired.


  • It is also designed in a way that it produces minimal noise. One can be cleaning a floor in one room while there is a baby sleeping in the next room and the steam mop will not wake the baby.


  • The dimensions of this Smart Living Steam Mop are 22 X 8 inches by fourteen inches. This makes the steam mop just big enough to do the cleaning in an effective manner. This also plays a role in ensuring that the steam mop does not occupy a lot of space when it is stored. The total weight of the steam mop is 7.05 pounds. This weight makes the steam mop very portable where it can be carried from downstairs to upstairs by almost anyone.


  • Furthermore, the steam mop comes with a warranty which means it can be repaired by the manufacturer when it gets damaged. Its spare parts are also readily available where one can do the repairs in case there is a problem.


  • The Smart Living Steam Mop Plus is made using strong but light materials. The importance of this is that it is very durable and as a result, it can be used for a long time without getting damaged. You can also read smart living steam mop troubleshooting here.


The smart living steam mop instructions manual that comes with this steam mop directs people on how they can use this steam mop without causing any damages or accidents. Almost everything is straightforward and one just needs to follow the provided instructions so as to enjoy the benefits of the smart living steam mop plus.


smart living steam mop plus review

Pros and Cons of Smart Living Steam Mop Plus

  • Environmental friendly where it does not produce harmful fumes which might damage the environment.
  • Can be used in almost any type of floor including some of the most sensitive floors.
  • Super quite where it does not produce unnecessary noise while it is being used.
  • Easy to assemble and use where it comes with a detailed user manual.
  • Size and weight are ideal for it to be used in almost any home.
  • Durable materials which ensure it lasts for long.
  • The reusable pads are easy to remove, clean and put back.
  • To use this steam mop one needs to have distilled water.
  • If it gets damaged one will need to get a professional to do the repairs so as to avoid causing further damages.



Final Verdict : Smart Living Steam Mop Plus Review

smart living steam mop plus review

Cleaning hard surfaces, such as ceramic and wood with chemicals is not only highly toxic but can also be extremely tiring to do on a regular basis. Often it entails the usage of chemicals, detergents and harmful substances that can leave a person feeling drained.

So far, the only alternative to this time-consuming process used to be to get these type of surfaces professionally cleaned.

But not anymore, because the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus has now arrived! With the power to clean any floor surface, this steam mop is the next level invention for every single cleaning worry.

It is evident that this particular steam mop from Smart Living has features that make floor cleaning simpler and more convenient. These features mainly consider the environment where the steam mop has minimal effect on the environment.

The various features are also designed in a way that the smart living steam mop plus looks modern.

The fact that the pads used by this smart living steam mop plus are reusable also reduces the cost of doing floor cleaning.

Storing, assembling and using this particular steam mop is convenient therefore making it ideal to be used in different homes. Even if one needs to have distilled water to effectively use it, there is no doubt that Smart Living Steam Mop Plus is an ideal component to add to any home.


Well, this was all from my side. Hope, you enjoyed reading this article and this Smart Living Steam Mop Plus Review would help you to make up your mind whether to buy or not Smart Living Steam Mop Plus.

If you have any doubts regarding Smart Living Steam Mop Plus or any other suggestions please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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