CordlessSteamMop Innovative Writing Scholarship 2023-19

A $1000 Innovative Writing Scholarship

cordlesssteammop innovative writing scholarship

CordlessSteamMop is a detailed user-friendly website for reviewing cleaning equipment. It helps consumers to find the best products to keep their house, workplace clean and hygienic. We understand the importance of education and financial difficulties faced by many students and their parents.

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To help and encourage students to polish up their skills, we are pleased to announce “CordlessSteamMop Innovative Writing Scholarship”.

Our scholarship is created for all students that include college, graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate students. We believe in the power of words. All you need is a good taste of writing to get this $1000 scholarship from 2023 – 2023.

Who Are We Looking For?

Students from all colleges and universities can apply for our scholarship. If you are below 18, you would need to get permission from either your parents or guardians.

What Do You need To Do?

We would require a write up of at least 10,000 words about “Advantages of using steam mop over traditional mop”.

You can also add your own experience to add realistic look in the write-up.

No plagiarism or duplicate article is allowed.

How Will You Benefit?

  • The winner of this scholarship will receive $1000.
  • It will be sent directly to your school/college/university Financial Aid office.
  • The winners will be picked by us based on careful assessment and we will inform them through email.

Submitting Your Content

You can send out your write up along with these details:

  • Personal information
  • Title of Institution
  • Study Area
  • Document proof that can testify you being a student
  • Unique email address designated by your institution, if possible.

You can send it to us directly:

Our final date of accepting submissions is Jan 31, 2023. We will choose the winner by Feb 5th, 2023 and you’ll be notified via email. The scholarship will be sent over by Feb 10th, 2023.

We run our scholarship program every year.

Terms and Conditions

Please note, we will have full rights to use the content of the winning article. You will get paid $1000 scholarship for your piece of writing and will have copyrights to use it for publishing as we deem fit.

  • After submitting the article to us we will hold full right to the article and can use the article anywhere.
  • More than one entry from the same person will immediately get rejected.
  • Only English language submission will be taken for evaluation.
  • This scholarship is for the year 2023-19. Next Year, we will launch another scholarship and Scholarship amount can vary.
  • CordlessSteamMop reserves the right to change T&C anytime. T&C remains same almost all the time. But to avoid some problem we are mentioning it.


Current Write up submission Count: 7


CordlessSteamMop Innovative Writing Scholarship 2017-18 Winner:


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