How Hot Do Steam Mops Get?

How Hot Do Steam Mops Get?

This is one of the most common questions you might have about steam mops. Read this article to find out the complete details about how hot do steam mops get  and the precautions that you must take while using a steam mop.

How Hot Do Steam Mops Get ?

If you have children sensitive to chemicals or who suffer from allergies, then the best way to keep your house clean and healthy is by utilization of a steam mop. Through a steam mop, your family can breathe better and live healthier.

Steam Mops use upto 10% of water in the steam. Thus most surfaces are dry within minutes of cleaning.

Steam Mops heat water to temperatures of between 150  and 300 degree F.

The average temperature to which water is heated by any steam mop is 200 degree F.

Steam released from this steamers kill organisms that would have been difficult to clean, e.g., mildew, bed bugs, dust mites and even micro-organisms. As you clean evaporation takes place without leaving behind wet counters, carpets, counters, and floors.

Temperature of 100-125 degree F is sufficient to kill mites. Further temperature of 150-160 degree F can kill foodborne viruses very easily. Lastly temperature above 170 degree F is good enough to kill the remaining micro-organisms such as bacteria and virus making the surface completely spotless as well as sanitised.

How hot a steam mop gets depends on the time it takes to heat up.

Most models heat up within 7 to 15 minutes. However, with the current advancements in research and technology, some mops heat up within five minutes.

A steam mop pressure doesn’t rely on quality steam. Heat and pressure work together inside the boiler to create steam. The higher the pressure, the quicker the production of steam.

Stable pressure means reliable performance depending on the volume of vapor available and the steam production.

This is made more efficient through steam pressure gauges that ensure steady pressure.

Some models have steam volume control on the handle.

This feature also presents a natural and quicker transition when steam cleaning across a range of surfaces is involved. The aptitude to control the steam volume secondarily gives you control over numerous things including the amount of steam coming out. Therefore, this reduces the amount of moisture that will ultimately be left behind. Superbly, this feature is
convenient since it adds to the overall ease of use.

Steam mops are therefore not difficult to operate, as long as you keep in mind the safety precautions before you get started.

Always read the user manual carefully.

The hot steam released by these machines can cause damage or even worse, an injury. The steamer temperature varies with the model you have, and their steam temperature can go as high as 320 degree F.

If you have a particular type of fabric you think is vulnerable under such temperatures, you may want to test a small area first. Remember that after heating up, there may be some trapped steam. Hence you should be quick to release some first before commencing your chore. Otherwise, it could flow from the equipment without you knowing.

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