Best Steam Mop 2019

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Best Steam Mop 2019

If you are looking for the best steam mopper, you should not make hasty decisions, but consider a few criteria before purchasing. So there are not only different types of steam cleaners, but the models also differ in terms of processing, cleaning performance, equipment and of course the price range of each other. This makes the search for the best model very expensive. If you do not have the time for extensive research, but still want to make a quick and good purchase decision, our buying advice will help you safely.

The era of conventional mop and buckets is long gone now. Today, washing has become an experience that
you sometimes have to savor. It doesn’t expend as much energy as it used to, no more splashing ad your feet
getting wet, or those tiny corners in your house being forgotten because you got too tired to wash. All of this
thanks to inventions like the steam mop, which we are going to review on this post.

Yes, the market is almost saturated with steam mop brands competing for your attention. But in our opinion,
the following three deserve more than just the little glances.

1. Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop


– This product is steam only. It has no plus features to accommodate vacuuming or cleaning of counters.

– It has a mop, soft microfiber cleaning pad, a scrubby microfiber cleaning pad and 2 scent disks. It is worth
noting that the pads are made from a puffy material, and have a nice cleaning ability, what Bissell calls ‘
PowerFresh ‘ ability.

– The steam mop head is rectangular in shape, as if with most Bissell steam mops. It measures a relatively
impressive 12.5 inches on the diagonal


— The pad material is machine washable. Keeping them clean is not an uphill task as is with conventional
bucket mops.

– The pads fit around the head pretty well. The use of elastic rubber to hold them in place is a nice addition to
the mop design.

– The design is alluring at the least. In retrospect, the steam mop head has been made low, just to give you
the ease of cleaning under cupboards and low shelves.


– On many occasions, the heat generated does not get as hot as it should be. It might just let you down.

– It’s slow, very slow. You have to leave it at one spot for up to 20 seconds just to clean up that spot
completely. This means it will take you even 2 hours to clean up a sizable space.

– You have to sweep before you use it! Othenn/ise, you will have to clean up leftover debris. It feels pretty
cumbersome to have to do double the work when you expected better.

2. Bissell 1544A PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop


– It has two scent disks that leave the cleaned area smelling all good after the washing

– Integration of a liftoff pod that allows cleaning on the floor or anywhere above it.

– A removable water tank. You have to lift most steam mops onto a raised surface to refill them, but not this


– The steam produced is quite constant. You don’t have to pump as much as you would with other mops

– Like other Bissell mops, it comes with a wide mop head. Essentially, this means a faster rate of cleaning for

– The cord is long enough, a couple of meters long. You can move quite a long way off from the charging
sockets while cleaning


-It doesn’t last long. Since its production, this product has been plagued with issues of the durability of the
mop heads, and the whole system in general.

– While using it, you might notice that the mop head bunches up, especially when it has been in use for some
time. However, this mostly occurs only when you are cleaning hard floor areas.

3. Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop


— For those who really detest touching dirty pads, this steam mop will definitely work for you. It comes
equipped with a mop head that ‘opens’ when a little pressure is exerted onto its button. The same mop head
also folds when changing it. The shark genius has really perfected the art of hands-free cleaning technology.
– Improved pads

– 22.5 feet of cord length.


– The steam produced from this mop is very powerful. It comes out like a blast, in jets that clean up surfaces
pretty fast too.

– It can always be used to clean multiple types of surfaces, but only the hard ones. When doing so, you might
have to change the amount of steam being produced


– Right from the start, we should probably say that you can’t clean any carpets with this one. It’s pretty
heartbreaking, but the pads will get stuck on carpets, and it will probably get spoiled.

– It is not durable, at all. Most users have had to contend with this undoing when buying it.

– It can’t stand on its own. You have to lean it onto a wall when it’s not in use or place it on some other
surface. It topples over so fast, and you just can’t have it breaking apart.


Steam cleaners will definitely work wonders for your cleaning. We hate to talk about their downsides, but they
are worth investing in. If you are planning to invest in one, or even doing an upgrade of an existing one, you
should probably get what we consider the best of 2019.

So we can fully recommend the Syntrox Chef Cleaner DR, because it offers high performance combined with good workmanship and a proper delivery. Alternatively, the Steam 146590 from Viledahighly recommended, because it is cheap, handy and offers a good cleaning performance at the same time solid processing. Top five products S. Syntrox Chef Cleaner DR The best steam cleaner with fixed station in the test was the model DR 2000W from Syntrox Germany. Priced it is on a level with the combi-steam broom from on Aqua Laser, but works with a full 2000 watts of power. Asa result, the device reaches a vapor pressure of 4.5 bar and a steam temperature of up to 140 A C, which means that even with only a short application reliably almost all bacteria can be eliminated. Advantages: Performance: The device operates with a power of 2,000 watts, which results in a good cleaning effect, because the vapor pressure is 4.5 bar at a temperature of 140 A C. Processing: Overall, the workmanship is very solid and the good and smooth-running roles were also convincing in the test. Scope of supply In addition to the station, the delivery also includes a tip steam nozzle, a nonwoven cloth, a floor brush and two extension tubes. Tap water usable: With tap water, the model handles well, so you do not necessarily need to use distilled water.
Disadvantage: No small brush:A small brush for finer work on grin or on stubborn places is not included. With Station: The device is equipped with a station, it is not as good mobile use, as hand-held steam cleaner.
4. Vileda Steam 146590
The best steam broom was the cheap steam cleaner from Vileda. The cheapest device in the test scores above all by a compact and with 3.1 kilograms very light construction. The main difference between it as a steam broom and stationary devices is that there is no possibility of attaching attachments other than the floor wiper attachment with fleece cloth and no pressure is built up. The cleaning is done by hot steam. Advantages: Price: The device is inexpensive and offers a correspondingly good price-performance ratio. Handy Since there is no station, the steam broom is very mobile and handy. Type: Due to the triangular design, corners can be cleaned very well. Also the tank built in the handle is very practical. Performance: Although the device only works with a power of 155 watts, it heats up very quickly. Processing: The steam broom is consistently good and solid processed.
Disadvantage: No pressure: Since it is a steam broom, no pressure is built up so that stubborn dirt is difficult to loosen. No jets: only the floor wiper attachment and a carpet attachment are available. There are no brushes or other attachments with a steam broom.
3. Karcher steam cleaner SC 3 The Karcher steam cleaner is the second stationary device that has made it into the leaderboard. Similar to the test winner of Syntrox, the device from Karcher also works with a strong output of 1,900 watts and achieves very good cleaning results in the test. In particular, the testers rated the extensive scope of delivery as positive. In addition to a spot jet nozzle, a hand nozzle and round brush, there is also a terry cloth cover for hand nozzle and as a floor cloth in the scope of delivery. Advantages: Performance: The high performance of 1,900 watts and the high pressure can achieve excellent cleaning results. Scope of supply The set is very extensive, because it contains various attachments such as a jet nozzle, a hand nozzle and a round brush and the rest of the accessories can convince. Processing: The workmanship is very solid and you can ten the device that it is designed for a long service life.
Disadvantage: Station: Since it works with one station, it is not as mobile and handy as a steam broom. Price: In terms of price, the cleaner from Karcher is already in the upper midfield, under which the price-performance ratio suffers a little.
2. Dirt Devil DD302-0 AquaClean 2 in 1 The device by Dirt Devil is a combination of steam mop and handheld steam cleaner. Thanks to the ten different attachments, it can be used individually and has a wide range of possible uses. The removable center part transforms into a mobile steam cleaner with only one hand and the testers praised the good cleaning and diverse applications very much. With a total weight of 3.7 kilograms, the Aquaclean can also be used very comfortably as a broom steam cleaner, and the triangular shape is very well suited, similar to the Vileda model, to clean well-accessible areas. Advantages: Combi device The 00302-0 is a combination device made of steam mop and handheld steam cleaner. Attachments: There are ten different attachments included, making the device suitable for many different applications. Cleaning effect: The cleaning effect is very good. Construction: Due to the compact design, the device is very handy and easy to use mobile. Thanks to its triangular shape, you can also get into the corners. Performance: The performance is good and the warm-up time with approximately 20 seconds pleasingly short. Disadvantage: Capacity The 300 milliliters of capacity are a bit tight. No pressure: Since it is not a Steam Cleaner with Station, no pressure is built up here, so removing stubborn dirt is not that easy. Price: Price is already on a fairly high level for a steam broom, so the price-performance ratio is not optimal.
1. AQUA LASER GOLD H2O Aqua Lasers AL H2O is also a compact steam brush, similar to the Vileda model, but it also has the option of adding attachments such as a joint brush or the pointed steam nozzle. The testers have especially praised the opportunity to use the steam cleaner at the same time as a handheld steam cleaner. This makes the device even more flexible and also here a lot of accessories are already included in the delivery. For example, as with the Vileda model, you will also get a carpeted top and other attachments for the cleaner. Advantages: Construction: The Gold H2O is very compact and suitable for mobile use Thanks to four meters of cable, it is not necessary to change the socket frequently. Attachments: It is also possible to use attachments such as a crevice nozzle or a steam nozzle, which is unusual for a handheld steam cleaner. Scope of delivery: The scope of delivery is very good overall, as there are various attachments and accessories included. Performance: With 1,400 watts it is very powerful and the cleaning results are very good. Disadvantage: Pressure: Compared to a steam cleaner with station, the pressure is not quite as high. Midway: Compared to other steam brooms, the device is not quite as compact and less powerful compared to a steam cleaner with station and also the capacity is lower. Steam mopper Purchase Advisor With a steam cleaner many cleaning tasks are much easier. But which model is the best steam cleaner for your requirements in question, is not so easy to see, because the offer is hug. Therefore, the recommendation is that you get an overview of what type of steam cleaner is suitable for which tasks, what is the cleaning performance of different models and only then perform a price comparison. Because depending on what requirements you have on the device, even a cheap steam cleaner can be completely sufficient for you In the test you will also find an overview of the best steam cleaners in 2019 from different categories and in different price ranges.

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