Best Steam Mop for Tile Floors 2023

Tiled floors are very beautiful to have in the house, at the office, hospitals or any building whatsoever. The big question is how clean do you plan on keeping them. Maintaining the cleanliness and smartness of tiles has proved to be a major problem most people are facing. Your child at home could be playing and stains your tiles and you try to wash it off but the stain still remains. Worry not since steam mops have come in handy to help you keep your tiles sparkling. The best steam mop for tile floors will help you get rid of any tough stains. Steam mops are a faster method compared to the old traditional ways of using a bucket. They are more effective as well.


Best Steam Mop for Tile Floors 2023

Below is the table which shows the best steam mop for tile floors. Each and every steam mop is chosen very carefully.

Steam Mop Model

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 Editors Choice  

BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop, Tile Cleaner,1940

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 Editors Choice  

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner, Tile Floors,1543A

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Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System (S5003D) Check Price
Light N Easy Steam Mop Check Price
Shark Steam Mop S1000A Check Price


best steam mop for tile floors

Steam mops work with steam as the name suggests. Water is heated then the steam is passed through the mop onto your tiles. This kind of technology has really reduced the labor earlier people used to put into mopping. There is no scrubbing now. All one has to do is hold the steam mop and pass it over the tiles.

The water being heated is also sanitized thus your floor will be sanitized as well.

Before purchasing the best steam mop for tile floors, there are factors that you have to consider. We ensure that it has put all these factors into consideration. Therefore, if you purchase from our recommendation you will never be disappointed.

I review each and every steam mop with considering all the important factors that should be taken care of while buying steam mops. These are some of the factors included:

  • The flexibility of the steam mop.
  • How convenient is the steam mop while working?
  • If you chose to buy a smaller one, then you’ll end up working for long to clean the whole place.
  • Yet again if you choose to purchase a big one then the hidden place will be left unclean.
  • One needs to check the versatility of the mop so as to make sure it will cover all areas properly.
  • The steam mop should also be reasonably priced. You have to, therefore, look at the affordability.
  • Of course, you want to buy a mop that cleans quickly and effectively. The effectiveness of the mop is another factor to consider too. 
  • The ease of use too should be on the list.
  • Steam mops are really light and they are better since you don’t have to go around with a bucket full of water while mopping.  All you are required to do is fill the steam mop’s reservoir with water heat it then your steam will be produced.                                            
  • Another factor required is the durability. How long will it last? 
  • Also, your type of floor is important. Not all steam mops work the same on every floor. Check out your floor type then get guidance on the most suitable steam mop to use.

The steam mops have their own pros and cons.

shark genius pocket steam mop for tile floors

Some of its pros include:

  • The killing of germs and bacteria. Steam kills germ on the floor and sanitizes it as well. This is very beneficial since one does not have to incur costs of buying chemicals to put in the water.
  • The steam mops are light and perform work quite well since they are still strong.
  • Another advantage is that the drying time of the floor is highly reduced. When using the traditional method of mopping the floor one had to wait for some time after cleaning the floor to dry. If someone would step on the wet floor, then you were required to redo everything but with steam mops, the
    drying time is less.
  • The steam mops are really helpful for busy homes. Steam mops have replaceable scrubber pads but the pads still last a long time and you don’t have to keep on replacing them. Normal bucket mopping causes a lot of grout problems by creating grout lines between the tiles. Steam mopping reduces the grout problems and slowly the tiles will become clear.
  • A steam mop is not rocket science, therefore, it is easy to use. Some of the steam mops are fitted with their own holding mat where you don’t have to wait for the heat to cool down. This a safety measure.
  • Steam mops are light and will just require a small space for storage. The removable tank of the steam mop is easy to fill.
  • Most of the steam mops have the steam control feature where you are able to regulate the amount of heat
    being produced. The good thing is that even at the lowest steam being produced, the little steam is able to kill germs just like when it is high.

Brands offer a big warranty on the steam mops differently. Some even have up to five-year warranty. Steam mops are not time-consuming. They save a lot of time and are still effective.

Steam mops have their cons as well.

  • Some of these steam mops are very expensive. This is a major hindrance for most buyers. Quality steam mops are quite costly.
  • A steam mop like the Bissell power fresh has a disadvantage of the steam being always on.
  • Some steam mops do not have removable water tanks.
  • This is hard because when filling the water some might spill on the floor creating a mess, therefore, giving you double work.
  • Others are not durable hence spending a lot of money replacing.



Best Steam Mop for Tile Floors 2023


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BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop Tile Cleaner,1940

Check Price

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop, Tile Floors, 1543A

Check Price

There are different types of steam mops in the market. These include the reliable  Bissell power fresh, Bissell symphony and spray, shark genius steam and pocket mop system as shown in the above table. These 5 steam mops are really good at cleaning tile floors but we highly recommend you to buy one from the editor’s choice due to these reasons.

First of all these 2 steam mops are specially designed best steam mop for tile floors and grout. With compared to few other steam mops these do not damage your tile floors. In fact, they’ll make your tile floor shine like new. If you want to go for the best steam cleaner for tile floors then we suggest you go for any one of the editor’s choice as per your requirement.

These are also good for anyone who is on a tight budget. If your home has a lot of pets, then Bissell is the suitable steam mop for you. It cleans stains very well.

How to clean tile floors using the steam mop?

The steam mops require a good maintenance program for them to last long. Especially the cleaning of the scrubber pads. The pads should be cleaned properly after use and dried. I recommend users to read carefully through the manual given after purchasing. The manual shows the procedure of using it and gives guidelines for its maintenance.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article on best steam mop for tile floors. If you have any doubts or suggestions please comment below. I’ll be happy to answer them.


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