Vileda Steam Mop Review 2023

In 2023 if you are still mopping floors by lugging a bucket of water around the house, occasionally having to use harsh chemicals to scrub off stubborn stains, then perhaps it is the time for you to finally invest in a good quality steam mop.  As this Vileda steam mop review will reveal, these handy steam mops will not only save you plenty of valuable time and energy, but they also make cleaning more effective.

Steam mops have the ability to eliminate as much as 99% of bacteria leaving you with very clean ultra-hygienic floors.

If you are sick, you will seek medical attention from a qualified medical practitioner, but if your carpet or floor is dirty, there is no doubt that you will need a steam mop. Just like medical practitioners, there are many steam mops in the market, and this calls for proper judgment for you to pick the best.

Sometimes it might be difficult for you to choose the best steam mop among many in the market. Well, this should not scare you anymore, the Vileda Steam Mop is what you should always go for. The Vileda Steam mop has been tested and proven to be efficient and very effective.

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Vileda Steam Mop Review 2023

On top of this, steam mops are a very eco-friendly option for cleaning your floors. If you have a kid or pets and would want to have a clean home without endangering their health by using harsh chemicals to scrub your floors, then perhaps it is time you gave steam mops some serious consideration.

With such a wide variety of steam mops in the market though, how will you know which mop will make a worthy purchase? Well, the whole idea is to find a steam mop that delivers quality cleaning and in a timely manner and without necessarily breaking the bank.


vileda steam mop

Vileda Steam Mop Pros & Cons

  • Very lightweight and easy to operate.
  • Adjustable steam settings.
  • Snap-on carper glider for steam cleaning carpets.
  • Quick heat-up feature.
  • Maneuverable triangular swivel head.
  • Eco-friendly option for stain removal on floors.
  • Comes with 2 machine washable microfiber pads.
  • Low power consumption.
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Has no water level indicator window.
  • Beginner unfriendly.

Vileda Steam Mop Design and Features


Vileda Steam Mop, UK Version-Black review

As a potential buyer, you first have to understand that the Vileda steam mop does not boast of being a high-end steam mop. This mop will not claim to clean every surface, but it sufficiently does the one thing its supposed to do – clean hard floor surfaces.

For this reason, the Vileda steam mop is one of the best steam mops for hardwood floors and this is attributed to various handy features as listed below.





Simple Design

Vileda Steam Mop, UK Version-Black

To begin with, this steam mop is refreshingly simple. Unlike other modern steam mops that come with tons of accessories, this is just a standard steam mop with minimum accessories. While simple can be boring, simple can also be cheap which is a major perk of the Vileda cordless steam mop. The basic working can be found it vileda steam mop instructions.

The slim profile of this mop means that it can conveniently stand upright on its own without needing a wall bracket. This mop also has few control buttons making it a great option for newbies who would rather just have clean floors without struggling to figure out a complex gadget in the process.



At just 2.5kg, this Vileda mop is among the lightest steam mops in the market. This makes it easy to move the mop around the house, including carrying it up and down the stairs while cleaning. Being lightweight also means cleaning can be done faster as opposed to when you have to drag a bulky gadget across your floors.


Fast Heating

Once plugged in, this steam mop heats up in just 15 seconds which is quite impressive and time-saving.


Swivel Head

Vileda steam mop has a triangular head that is very maneuverable. This just means that the mop can conveniently reach stains in hard-to-reach corners. It also means that the mop can easily maneuver around furniture and other objects.


Variable Steam Setting

Steam quantity can be regulated using adjustable settings. This means that you can choose settings according to the particular floor type you are cleaning. By allowing you to use milder settings for delicate floor finishes, you are guaranteed that this Vileda cordless steam mop will not damage your floors during cleaning.


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Vileda Steam Mop Cleaning Performance

videla steam mop

The Vileda mop comes with super absorbent microfiber pads that offer superior cleaning on any hard floor surface. This combined with the power of steam kills 99.9% of bacteria from floors and can also competitively eliminate stubborn stains including greasy marks. On top of that, the microfiber pads are machine washable thus providing the convenience of using them over and over again before you need to purchase new ones.

This steam mop also comes with a snap-on carpet glider. This allows you to use the mop to refresh your rags
and carpets. With a water tank of 0.4 liters, this gadget allows you to clean for longer – up to 28 minutes. Combine this with the short 15-second heat-up time, and you will realize that this effective steam cleaner also considerably saves time. What more would you want in a steam mop? Besides, the mop can effectively clean all hard sealed floors such as tiles, vinyl, laminated wood, and hardwood.

This steam mop comes with a 6m cord which is long enough for most users. Although, should it happen that you need a mop with a longer reach then perhaps you might be interested in getting the Vileda 100 Hot Spray Mop. It is just as efficient as the Vileda spray mop, only cordless!

Should you discover that your Vileda steam mop is not working anymore, or vileda steam mop not heating up, then you will be happy to know that the gadget comes with a 2-year warranty and a very helpful customer care team. You can also check out vileda steam mop manual. Of course, this is always very convenient, but I will be the first to assure you that Vileda steam mops are quality gadgets that should not bring you any trouble at all.

Review Verdict

This steam mop might not be as impressive as high-end steam mops which claim to clean every surface. The Vileda steam mop, however, is very simple to use and control and efficiently covers the basics. It may not come with tons of accessories, but it is sufficient to guarantee hygienically clean hard floors, carpets, and rags.

Besides, this mop is impressively easy to use and quite affordable even for those working on a tight

On top of this, this steam mop is ideal for those who may be particularly concerned about saving the environment as well as those who may be tired of using harsh chemicals to clean their homes.

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