Shark Lift Away vs Shark Genius Steam Mop – Comparison 2018

Shark Lift-Away vs Shark Genius Steam Mop

Shark lift away and shark genius steam mops are mops that use steam power instead of chemicals to remove dirt, disinfect and clean floors whether hard or tiled floors. Their shapes are compact thus making them easier to use and are powered by electricity.

The water in the steam cleaner is heated then converted into vapor which loosens dirt on floors and soft fibers, for example, carpets and sofas.

They are also suitable for bare, hard floors and laminated floors but not for waxed for they can melt The steam helps to soak the pad and draws dirt off ground. It cleans through the dirt and does not leave residue behind.

Cleaning Comparison

Shark genius steam mop

This is a touch-free steam mop that can clean sealed floors. Its steam blaster is effective for tough and greasy surfaces. Using this steam mop, you can control the amount of steam that will serve you better with its setting steam control.

Shark lift away steam mop

This vacuum cleans floor surfaces both hard floors or tiled floors effectively without using detergents or harsh chemicals. It is a double sided washable steam pockets with a quick release mop heads.

Shark lift away steam mop can be turned into a hand held steamer. It can also be used to dust or scrub depending on the result you want, its fast to use for it cleans large areas. It is also used for garment and carpet cleaning.

Features Comparison

Shark genius steam mop

It has three steam settings,

(a) Low steam which is best for light cleaning such as dusting which makes it suitable for hardwood and laminated floors.

(b) Med steam setting is set for cleaning moderate areas and removing spots from all types of floors except the waxed floor.

(c) High steam setting which is designed and most effective on deep and thorough cleaning. It removes tough stains on all floors. It has two dirt grip pad designed to pick up dust and lock it while cleaning which is enhanced by strips of gripping material They are highly absorbent and dries fast. Its powerful burst of steam wipes away stains and dirt even from corners. It has a water capacity of 350ml.

Shark lift away steam mop

Its settings could also be grouped into three.

(a) Standby mode which should be pressed once where light steam is released for dusting and maybe drying urfaces.

(b) Pressing the standby mode the second time can be used for any type of cleaning both light and moderate by activating the mop.

(c) Scrub setting mode here the user presses the standby button three times at a go which is used for deep cleaning.

Its dirt pad is made using micro fiber and high absorbency rate which can be washed with warm water and liquid detergent then dried. It is highly recommended to replace the dirt pads every 3 months. Has a water capacity of 300 ml.

Accessories Comparison

Shark genius steam mop

Has a direct channeling system which takes steam directly on stains thus effective. It also features touch-free dirt grip pads and steam blaster.

Shark lift away steam mop

It has three power settings that provides a different amount of steam as needed by the user for scrubbing, moping and dusting. Can be used as a full-sized cleaner or handheld steamer which makes cleaning easier.

Price and Reviews Comparison

Shark Genius Steam Mop

It costs around $99.99, the mop is easy to use and flexible, the problem was it left the streaks everywhere and it is difficult to push.

Shark lift away steam mop

Costs $99.99, it is a better fabric steamer but the mop can’t stand on its own and time-consuming.

Conclusion : Shark Lift-Away vs Shark Genius Steam Mop

A shark genius steam mop is suitable for light and moderate cleaning. A shark lift away steam mop is suitable for routine cleaning and can clean hard floors, carpets, and furniture.

Both shark genius and shark lift away steam mops have different water tank capacity although it varies on the individual choice depending on the size of your cleaning area. If the water tank capacity is less, you can refill it and continue cleaning.

So, on the basis of all the aspects, If I had to go with the one I would’ve definitely gone with the Shark lift away. The major reason for that is I have a big house. As I have told you before that shark genius is difficult to push and have less water tank capacity. So, for these reasons, I would go with Shark Lift-away pro steam mop.

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