Working Of Cordless Steam Mop 2023 – Learn All Details

First, you went through the tedious process of finding the perfect Cordless Steam Mop that will solve all your cleaning problems. Then, you went online and ordered your mop at a good rate. After waiting, it is now finally in front of you. But how can you proceed when the instruction manual isn’t very descriptive and you are stuck trying to understand how to put your brand new mop to use? But leave your worries here, because at the and of this step-by-step tutorial, the A to Z of working of cordless steam mop will be at your fingertips.

The traditional method for cleaning the house is becoming a bit time consuming.

Having to carry a bucket of water around the house as you clean does take some time. And also it means having to wash the same spot more than once so as to remove any excess water that might have been left there and to ring out excess water while washing.


Working Of Cordless Steam Mop 2023

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And all this is because honestly, everyone loves a clean house and that smell that often emanates after a good cleaning is what we love about cleaning especially after getting back from work.

And this is exactly what steam mops offer with the added benefit of not lugging around a bucket.

It is a simple and easy process that will save you a lot of time. But what really is a steam mop?

What is a Steam Mop?

This is a mop that cleans floors and even carpets. It cleans using heat from the steam to sterilize and sanitize the
surfaces to be cleaned.

And even better, with this device can also be used to clean other areas like curtains, clothes and other areas around the house.

Romi Haan first had the idea of a steam mop 1998 but it wasn’t until in 2001 that the first steam mop was introduced and became a market hit in 2004.

Steam mops are becoming more attractive because mainly they reduce the time in doing household chores. Therefore you will no longer have to wait as the bucket fills with water and having to lug it all around the house as you repeatedly mop the floor.

Another reason why they are even better is that they can sterilize around without having to take a lot of measures. Because of how hot the steam is, over 100 Degrees Celsius or 212 Degrees Fahrenheit, the mop can clean up to 99.99% of germs that are around the house and can potentially cause illness.

Because of the fact that they just use steam, they are eco-friendly, efficiently affordable and are very safe to use.

They also do not use detergents which have been known to contain chemicals that can be harmful to children and pets. So how does a steam mop work?

How does a Steam mop work?

working of cordless steam mop

The mop has water inside the tank and then it will be heated to about 120 degrees Celsius (248 degrees Fahrenheit). Once the steam has generated, it is taken through a steam jet that will moisten the microfiber pad that is hooked up to the mop head. Cheap steam mops have just one jet for which the steam can pass through but others have up to 15j et streams and the pads are tend to be scented.

The microfiber pads become damp due to the steam. The pads then are able to loosen the dirt and stains and thus easily removing them from the floor. The dirt will also not be moved around as the cleaning is going on thus no streaks or dirt residue left behind because the steam cleans straight through everything.

Due to how intense the heat is from the steam, 99.99% of germs will be cleaned. This also means that the dust mites found within the house fleas and all other small microorganisms brought into the house by pets or people or by the wind as it blows into the house will be effectively killed.

Some of the best steam mops have a cleaning head that is two-sided. One side will clean hardwood/laminated floors and thus has a soft pad. The other side is a bit rougher and can be used to clean tiles or remove tough stains that the other side cannot clean off.

How to use a steam mop?

There are different numbers of steam mops and thus you would need to know how to attach and use it. But you would need to know the working of a cordless steam mop and how to use it effectively so as to increase its durability.

This is because like all machines, the steam mop needs to be utilized in the right manner so that it can last for a long time to continue servicing you without having a lot of difficulties and problems with it.

Preparation of the floor

Just because the steam mop can clean the surfaces effectively, it doesn’t mean you can still use it from the word go but you need to prepare your floor first. This means by either using a vacuum cleaner or just sweeping the house.

This is because the dust, lint or dirt particles and any other form of debris can easily dirty your mop head and thus becoming less and less to efficiently clean the house. Some of the new age mobs have a dual purpose feature that allows them to hover and mop over the surface without touching it.

Preparation of the mop

Before you can plug in the mob, it is best and also safer for you to first fill the mop with water. This will ensure that you are safe and also that the mop will last a long time. Also, the steam mops heat up really fast so it is best for them to start heating when they already have the water in them.

Using the mop

Once the water is heated up to the preferred temperature, the steam mop gives in an indicator to show that it is
ready to be used. And just like a regular mop, all you need is to move the mop back and forth for it to effectively clean. And since the steam produces dry up relatively quickly, you could move to another area of the house. It is recommended to use the mop from a corner and work your way to the other far side of the house.

Changing the mops

Most mops have a double sided mop head feature, meaning that the mop head can be interchanged and when one side becomes dirty. Also the mop heads ought to be changed or replaced because the dirt may end up sticking to it and too much accumulation will lead to the mop head pushing the dirt and germs back onto the floor making all that work counterproductive. Also, in order to change the mop head, unplug it and let it cool for you to do it safely.

Once done, the water tanks in the mop need to be completely empty and the dirt that will have stuck to the cleaning pan needs to be cleaned off. This will avoid the pad becoming damp that may lead to the development of mildew and limescale which may end up damaging the steam mop by clogging it.


Benefits of using a steam mop

benefits of steam mop

1. Hygiene

One of the best ways to kill organisms and dirt is to use heat. And the steam mop does a perfect job at it. Most microorganisms cannot survive at high temperatures and when exposed to such temperatures, they will die instantaneously. This means that the house will be 99.99% germ-free. So in whatever surface the mop will touch, it will become sterilized and clean. Therefore the environment will be more hygienic for small kids especially who are walking on all fours and their immune system hasn’t become strong enough yet to fight off such threats. It, therefore, becomes more effective than a vacuum.

2. Not just germs

The other benefit is that it can also kill pests and germs that are found in the house. This means micro-parasites like dust mites which are really not that well known and never considered. This also means pests like ants, cockroaches, ticks, fleas and other annoying pests that come into the house are easily eliminated. And the best part is that after they are killed the remains will be sucked up by the mop. Also another thing about the mop is how efficient it does the job without any hustles. This also reduces the cost you will incur in buying pesticides that are needed to get rid of such pests.

3. No chemicals involved

These mops only need to use steam to clean around the house. This means they are more environmentally friendly to use.

Most chemicals used are not usually friendly. And thus using them destroys the environment that we are in. Also because of not using the chemicals, floors are much safer for kids to play in without them being exposed to any chemical residue left after cleaning. Also, there is the added benefit of the money saved from not buying cleaning agents and chemicals. But there are mops that do allow for one to add chemicals if they wish to do so.

4. Fewer allergies

Most chemicals used can be allergic or can cause allergies. This is because after cleaning, there is an emittance that comes from using the chemicals which even though has a pleasant smell it is usually very heavy and can actually aggravate any allergies that you could be having. Because of using steam, the steam mop will not have any aftermath allergic reactions and are very clean and pleasant. This makes them have a pleasant environment.

5. No water change over

When it comes to the traditional means for which mops are used, there is a lot of water that remains and it becomes obsolete because now it is dirty and cannot be used again. It also has to be disposed of either in the backyard or in a sink and that is also another cleaning process because you now need to clean any water that was dripping off or if the water was dumped in the sink, the sink no has to be cleaned. But with steam mops, the remaining water is still clean and thus it can still be used for another purpose or if it is to be drained off, whichever the process that will be used will still not need to be cleaned again.

6. Saves time

Another disadvantage of using traditional mobs is the time usage. The lugging, the waiting for the water to fill and for the surfaces to dry off is very time to consume, and quite frankly with how the days tend to be busy, we have no time for all of that.

Another thing is how sometimes when there is a stubborn stain that forces us to get on our hands and knees to start scrubbing the floor and that is some tedious work to do. Steam mops tend to solve all these problems in just one package. It is fairly light to haul around the house, it requires very minimal time for the steam to dry up and sine because the steam is very hot, stains will not take a long time to come off. This makes the steam very effective.

7. Clean floors

With using traditional mops, comes to floors that seem to wear every day because of not having being cleaned
sufficiently. This means that the floors have a residue that will remain from chemicals that have been used. This will give the floors a murky look that will make them look older with every wash.

And we know how annoying that is because we can easily tell the difference between how it looked when we first had them to how it looks now. This is why steam mops are good to have around. Since they just use water, there is no residue that will be left after washing, leaving the house very clean and giving it a sparkly after look.

And the steam is actually good because any residue that was there before will no longer be there after you are done.

8. Removes mould

Any place that experiences humid conditions will always have mould growing in it. Thus places like bathrooms set the right conditions for mould growth. Once it starts growing it starts to release mycotoxins which are harmful and sometimes deadly to anyone who is exposed to them after some time.

Most of the time, bleach seems like a logical step in combating the mould but all it does is convert the mould to a white substance but doesn’t really kill it. But with the high steam temperatures that come from steam, the mould is easily killed and thus will no longer pose a threat to you or your family. And also the bristles of the pad will scrape it off from even areas that are hard to reach.


cordless steam mop clean floors


With everything that is manmade, there are some disadvantages tied to it. And this one is no different.

1. It can only be used effectively on surfaces that are either tiled or hardwood floors. Therefore some areas may be
hard to clean using the mop.

2. There is some extra time needed to prepare the mop because the floor has to first and foremost be cleaned before the mop can be used. This means extra time is needed to sweep the floor.

3. It sometimes will not heat up as expected and thus the steam will not be as effective in cleaning as would other
types of steam cleaners like steam vacuums. But because of how many different models there are, there might be others which are a bit efficient.


The steam mop is a great device to have because it really does save a lot of time when it comes to washing the house and making it a safer place for our kids to be in. and with eliminating the need for chemicals, it helps us in making our environment much safer and more eco-friendly and in the current state the earth is in, we need more products that can achieve that.

Well, this is all I have for you right now. So, I hope you’ve now got a pretty good idea of Working Of Cordless Steam Mop and its benefits over traditional mop cleaning. I’ll be back again with more useful information to share with you. Until then bye, take care.


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