Shark ION Robot Black Friday Deals 2018

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If you are an admirer of robot vacuum cleaners then you must have heard of Shark ion robot vacuums. These are very powerful robot vacuums and they clean the space brilliantly. If you are looking to buy Shark ION Robot this is probably the best time. I have an awesome news for you. Black Friday 2018 brings Shark ION Robot Black Friday Deals 2018 where you can get big fat discounts on these expensive robot vacuums.

Top 3 Best Shark Ion Robot Black Friday Deals 2018

shark ion robot black friday deals 2018

Shark ION is a brand name in manufacturing upright vacuums. It is a brand that knows everything about floor care. Shark ION Robot takes care of everything itself. You just need to leave it in the room you want to clean and leave on it the rest. You’ll get to know about the Black Friday deals on Shark ION robots and their features below.

For your convenience, here are the top 3 Shark Ion Robot Black Friday Deals 2018.

Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV 750 Black Friday Deals 2018 

Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV 750 Black Friday Deals 2018

This product works along with Alexa device. It can be voice controlled. It gets activated with just one touch. It
comes with dual spinning side brushes and offers excellent cleaning of debris from around the edges and corners.

Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV 750 Features

  • Product dimensions- 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.6 inches.
  • Product weight- 5.51 pounds.
  • Smart sensor navigation
  • Proximity sensors allow surrounding obstacles accessibility and adaptability.
  • It comes with a filter, two side brushes, bot boundary connectors, lithium-ion battery and a cleaning tool.

Why purchase it?

Innovative vacuum
It can be controlled using voice by pairing it with Alexa. We can even schedule the cleaning using a smartphone. This product is Wi-Fi enabled.

Detangling approach
Another innovative approach that this product adopts is that it uses a detangling technology. It comes with self-grooming system. It effectively aids Brushroll to untangle and manage debris and dirt on its own. Thus, there is no need to untangle hair, fiber, and strings and remove them.

This product is Wi-Fi enabled and thus perfect for voice control. It can be paired using smartphones and Alexa for voice control. An innovative detangling technology allows its Brushroll to untangle and manage the obstacles on its own. The dustbin is easy to remove and empty. An overall good vacuum cleaner that offers perfect cleaning and Wi-Fi enabled actions.

I am too excited to announce that Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV 750 is selling at all time low price just for this Black Friday. This is the once-in-a-year opportunity. If you like this robot vacuum grab this deal.


Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV 720 Black Friday Deals 2018

Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV 720 Black Friday Deals 2018

This vacuum cleaner is run by easy to use remote control. Easy to set up a cleaning schedule makes it popular among its potential users. It comes with smart sensor navigation technology that easily navigates the multiple areas such as carpets and floors. It can clean up long and short hair, allergens, dirt, dust, and everything. Proximity sensors present in it take care of the surrounding obstacles.

Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV 720 features

  • Product weight- 5.51 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.6 inches
  • It comes with a lithium-ion triple-A battery that offers cleaning time of over an hour.
  • It comes with an easy to use remote control.
  • Along with the product two side brushes, filter, charging dock and cleaning tool are provided.

Why purchase it?

Perfect cleaning
The product comes with a Brushroll that is self-cleaning. It is capable enough to clean anything and everything from short and long hair to allergens. It can efficiently get rid of dander, dust, and dirt. Dual spinning offered by side brushes efficiently captures the dust and debris from the edges and corners of the house.

Creates less mess
The dustbin is easy and quick to empty without creating a mess out of it. It gets detached from the side of
the vacuum.

Perfect design
This product comes with a low-profile design. It means that its thin design permits the product to access
difficult to reach areas such as the surface below the furniture. As a result, it offers a perfect cleaning.

This product is excellent as far as innovation and usability are concerned. It embraces self-cleaning technology and thus offers a perfect cleaning throughout the house. Additional features such as low-profile design, smart sensor navigation, and proximity sensors make it best among other products.

If you like Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV 720, this is the best time to buy this as there is a big fat discount available on  Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV 720.


Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV 700 Black Friday Deals 2018

Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV 700 Black Friday Deals 2018

Shark ION Robot is the best vacuum cleaner to keep up with everything clean and prevents the dust buildup in the home. It comes with smart sensor navigation and proximity sensors. Smart sensor navigation flawlessly navigates carpets and floors. Proximity sensors in this vacuum help it to adapt to nearby obstacles and objects.

Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV 700 Features

  • Product weight- 105 lb
  • Product dimensions- 12.60 x 12.60 x 2.60 Inches.
  • It comes with a Brushroll that is capable of capturing everything from hair to allergens and from dander to dust
  • It comes with side brushes that offer dual spinning. It is designed to capture the debris and dust from difficult to reach surfaces such as corners and edges.
  • It comes along with remote control, Botboundary connectors and HEPA filters.

Why purchase it?

Easy to use remote.
Remote is easy to use. A periodic cleaning schedule is easy to set.

Long-lasting batteries
Triple-A lithium-ion batteries for remote come along with the product.

Innovative Design
It is cordless and can be used on many surfaces.

Those who are looking for a cordless remote control vacuum cleaner should look no beyond than Shark ION Robot
Vacuum RV 700. It prevents the build-up of dust and dirt in the home. It is cordless and can be controlled using remote which is very easy to use. It is capable of cleaning multiple surfaces and can capture everything from hair to dust and allergens.

You’ll be glad to know that Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV 700 is selling at all time low price on this Black Friday. So, definitely check out this deal and grab it before the Shark ION robot Black Friday sale 2018 ends.


Conclusion: Shark Ion Robot Black Friday 2018 Deals

These 3 are the top trending best Black Friday deals on shark ion robot vacuums. Generally, Shark ion robots sell at high prices throughout the year but Shark ion robot Black Friday 2018 deals can save you a lot of money. Don’t let these deals slip from your hands. Make sure you grab one of these Shark ion robots this Black Friday.

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