Bathroom Cleaning With Steam Mop – Complete Guide 2023

In this post you will learn about bathroom cleaning with steam mop. You will be able to deep clean your bathroom really well using a steam mop after reading this post. Its really simple you don’t need to contact any bathroom steam cleaning service for doing this task.

A steam mop is an excellent and convenient cleaning tool that can work wonders on the floor. But knowing how to use it efficiently can make a significant difference. It is surely a unique floor mopping system that can save your time and energy, but you need to be acquainted with it. As compared to bucket and mop manual bathroom cleaning system, a steam mop can ensure comfortable and swift cleaning of bathroom and toilet floor surfaces.


Bathroom Cleaning With Steam Mop


bathroom cleaning

Steam mops are available in a variety of sizes and styles and there are different ways of attaching the mop head and the amount of steam or power generated. Some of the steam mops boast of better and enhanced features as compared to the others. However, irrespective of the features, there are few of the vital points to consider.

Instead of  bathroom cleaning using water with or without cleaning agents, steam mops use hot steam and a scrubbing pad to clean and sanitize bathroom and toilet floor surfaces. They are ideal for cleaning hard and heat resistant surfaces like granite, wooden, stone, tile, vinyl, linoleum, marble etc. Some of them are advertised as being good for hardwood, laminate and similar sensitive surfaces, however, any crack or hole in hardwood finish sealant can let water vapor penetrate in the wood itself, which can damage the wood or laminate and make them start to rot.

To know more about steam mops specially for hardwood floors you can read our previous post Best Hardwood Floor Steam Mops

bathroom cleaning

Heat from these mops can kill almost 99.9% of present bacteria and germs, while cleaning pads remove physical dirt and softened stubborn stains. Some steam mops can even perform vacuuming, like common vacuum cleaners, however, their air flow and air pressure is weaker.

But, such steam mop and vacuum combos are cheaper than full-size vacuum cleaners and can speed up cleaning of very dirty floors which require vacuuming first with ordinary vacuum cleaners and then steaming using steam mops.

Most of the steam mop manufacturers recommend using distilled or deionized water, with or without additional scent or fragrance, for day-to-day operations. Using ordinary tap water is cheaper, but it can lead to scale buildup and decreasing the steam mop performances.

Scrubbing mechanism can be very helpful in cleaning, especially for homes with pets and kids, which require often cleaning. Scrubbing mechanism scrubs toilet and bathroom floors even if cleaning pad is not moving over the floor. Such mechanisms add to the weight and price of the device and its energy consumption, but in many cases, it is a great and very useful feature.

The children who are exposed to these harmful floor bacteria, germs and allergens, fall sick too often. The ideal solution is cleaning the floor efficiently with steam mops that can remove the bacteria, germs and allergens without leaving any harmful side effects. Usually, homeowners try to clean the floors of their home with chemicals to remove the bacteria and germs. But the chemicals causes more harm than good. The chemicals leave harmful residue behind on the floor which your kid crawling or playing on the floor can inhale or intake. So, expert cleaners recommend the usage of steam mops with no chemicals to clean the floors.

It is recommended by experts to purchase the best steam mops which can ensure perfect cleaning of your home. The usual vacuum cleaners just remove superficial dust and dirt.

You may feel as if the floors are clean, it is actually not true. It still contains harmful germs and bacteria that may lead to various health issues.

Just imagine the situation, your toddler is crawling in the dirty floor and then takes their dirty hands which get exposed to floor germs in their mouth. Just thinking about the situation may fill you with horror, but it actually does happen thats why you should use steam mops for cleaning your home.


Types of Scrubbing Pads

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Steam mops come with cleaning pads optimized for various surfaces and amounts of dirt.

For gentle surfaces like hardwood floors, low heat and softer cleaning pads are used. Scrubbing system on such surfaces is usually turned off.

For surfaces like tiles, marble, stone and similar, scrubbing systems are usually turned on, with steam amounts and heat often limited only by the strength of the onboard heater.

Pads for hard surfaces are optimized for stronger scrubbing and removing the dirt that would otherwise be very hard to clean – chewing gums, dried stains from berries and similar fruits and juices and similar stuff.

Initial Step : Vacuum the bathroom floor

bathroom cleaning

Before you start using a steam mop, it is important to first vacuum the bathroom floor. If you do not have a vacuum steam cleaner toilet, you can sweep the floor to remove surface debris, dust, and lint that may dirty the mop head.

When you have effectively swept or vacuumed the floor, you are now all set for bathroom cleaning with steam mop efficiently.

If you explore the internet you can even find dual function steam mop tools. They can easily clean the floor well and clear out the messes. This will eliminate the use of vacuum steam cleaner bathroom. But if you are planning to clean the whole floor, it is advisable to vacuum the floor first to remove maximum dirt off the floor.

When the dirt is out of the way, cleaning becomes a lot easier.

By maintenance, it means that before using the steam mops, the floor can only be slightly dirty. If the floor is full of dust or dirt, the steam can smear the dirt all across the floor.

If you regularly maintain the floor, a steam mop can make a world of difference. This means that if you have just purchased the mop, first wash the floors the old-fashioned mode and then effectively maintain it using the mop.

Cleaning the floors using a steam mop ensures the best results, saves time and energy on the go as well.

To avoid smearing and trailing dirt around the toilet floors, it is advisable to own more than one mop pad. This will help in changing the pads at regular intervals, ensuring a smear-free shine on the floors.

When it comes to the pricing of steam mop pads, they are extremely affordable. You can conveniently wash it in the washer and hang it to dry.

Make sure to carefully read the product manual to ensure the perfect care for the steam mop and related accessories.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post on bathroom cleaning with steam mop.

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