Bissell SpinWave vs Bissell CrossWave: Comparison 2023


Bissell SpinWave vs Bissell CrossWave

In this post we do a comparison of Bissell SpinWave vs Bissell CrossWave and find out which one is better.

These products from the Bissell product line are quite impressive. Here is a review highlighting both of them including their functions and features which they come equipped with.

Bissell SpinWave vs Bissell CrossWave

Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Spin Mop

Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Spin Mop

Bissell SpinWave is a hard floor spin mop which has various models including the 2039A, 20391, 2039H, 2039T among others.

Here we are going to talk specifically about the Bissell SpinWave 2039A.

The major purpose for this mop is to clean tiles, vinyl flooring, sealed hardwood and laminates. It can clean and scrub floors without damaging delicate floors in your vicinity.


The Bissell SpinWave comes with the spinning pads for scrubbing floors any and every-time it’s pushed. It is able to maneuver around tight spaces across the room and under furniture spaces.

This machine comes equipped with a tank for spraying water solutions for cleaning your vinyl, linoleums and tiles. It does not have steam.

Spin Pads

This SpinWave comes with two soft touch pads designed for gentle scrubs, helpful when it comes to sealed hardwood floors and two scrubby pads which are designed to clean sticky and stuck-on messes.

These pads function in pairs always when the machine is turned on. This eases the hustle of scrubbing floors while kneeling and also using your hands every time.


This Bissell product comes with a chamber for filling it up with Bissell Multi-surface formula which is a solution helping in the removal of messes and dirt in floors.

This chamber can carry up to 28 oz of water. This feature is an “on-demand” meaning it will be used by a push of a button only when you need it.


The Bissell SpinWave has a twenty feet long electric cord with a dimension of 8 inches in length, 16 inches in width, 45 inches in height and its weight is 9.5 pounds. The cleaning path or surface is approximately around 14 inches.

The SpinWave comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

This machine is easy to handle and does not require a lot of effort while mopping the floor. Getting into corners and behind toilets can be quite tricky. After cleaning there is a possibility of the product leaving marks like swirls on the floor.


BISSELL CrossWave Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac

BISSELL CrossWave Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac

Although this machine isn’t one of the cheapest in the market, it is well equipped since it both cleans carpets and floors because it can vacuum and wash as well.

Sometimes budgeting for both vacuum cleaners and wash machines for tiles or hardwood floors can be quite hard. This all in one product can come in handy when acquired because of its unique features and because of its size, it actually takes just a tiny bit of your space in terms of storage.

The main purpose of this CrossWave is to wash either carpets or floors with a liquid which comes with it when bought, or just use it as a vacuum cleaner.


The Bissell CrossWave is portable thus making it easy to carry around. It has a large handle at the top for giving its user a good grip while cleaning.

The handle is connected to a metal pole which is then connected to the rest of the cleaner.

A bin is located at the bottom of the main pole for collecting everything it picks up from your floor. This bin has a button which when pressed down can be easily disconnect by pulling the bin whenever you want to discard your dirt.

Right on top of the bin is where a person can place a plastic container containing hot water with cleaning fluids to help whenever one is using the washing feature.

The bottom of the cleaner has a multi-surface cleaner which picks up stuff from the floor. It has lots of brushes and replaceable pieces of fabric for cleaning up.

The plastic lid from the bottom of the cleaner can be removed in order to access, replace and clean the brush.

A swivel is also located at the bottom of the cleaner for allowing a person to be able to put the handle down beside the cleaner to enable one to reach under items of furniture.


The suction of this machine is particularly strong as compared to other products and the vacuum cleaner function is also good.

This machine can clean only where main multiple surface brush reaches. It works efficiently in large surface areas.

As stated earlier, the main advantage of this product is the fact that it both cleans floors, carpets and it vacuums.

The cleaner only uses the liquid which comes with it. More of the liquid can be bought from their company directly. It’s highly advised not to use other liquids with this machine.

This CrossWave has two modes, the carpet or floor mode which you can choose. These modes operate with the liquid which can be filled in a plastic container with hot water and Bissell cleaning products. This liquid filters down to the cleaner depending on which mode it is operating from, and cleans the floor.

It also has a button within the handle which assists in releasing more liquid when you encounter tough areas of the floor while cleaning.

This product doesn’t have a battery, so it has to be plugged in to be used for cleaning.

The Bissell CrossWave is a two in one product making it pocket friendly. Because it has the washing feature, it has an advantage compared to other vacuum cleaners. It makes cleaning floors, rugs and carpets look easy.

The multi-surface brush roll has microfibers and nylon bristles which rotate up to 3000 RPM, and gently sweeps up dust and gently scrubs simultaneously.

With its Easy-Clean tray, when done using this machine you can simply put it in the tray that enables you to lean the chamber and the roll by filling water in it and turning the machine on.


Conclusion: Bissell SpinWave vs Bissell CrossWave

The Bissell CrossWave and the SpinWave are both good products from the Bissell product line. However the CrossWave has an advantage since it comes equipped with two functions. The SpinWave can only mop floors but the CrossWave not only cleans floors but also vacuums.

We hope this article on Bissell SpinWave vs Bissell CrossWave helped you to make your choice between these two.

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