How to Clean Shark Steam Mop Pads?

In this post I will be walking you through different ways how to clean Shark Steam Mop Pads so it can serve you for many years.

Shark Steam Mop is one of the most powerful tools to clean at home. But after it has been used to clean dirt and destroy dust, the pads get dirty and the best way you can conserve your money is not buying another but cleaning the dirty mop pads. To get the better result using your pads,  Also, before diving fully into the different methods, be sure to adhere to all instructions given for the ultimate result.

How to Clean Shark Steam Mop Pads


Cleaning Methods: How to Clean Shark Steam Mop Pads?

Whichever cleaning method you are going to use, always make sure that the steam unit is switched off and cooled before cleaning commence (Either it’s giving out steam or not, let it cool first).

1. RINSE AND DRY: The best and simplest way to clean a shark steam mop pad that has not been used for a long time is by rinsing it. Leave the pad in hot water for few minutes and gently rinse it by squeezing and twisting it to remove water and all the dirt in it. It is safer and highly recommended to use bottled water to rinse your pad in case you have hard water at home.

2. WASHING MACHINE: In case your steam mop pad has been in usage for a long time or you’re just sure it needs thorough washing, then you can place it in the washing machine with similar fabrics, running it with your laundry. This will easily remove the dirt and dust in the pad.

3. SOAK: Another great way to clean your pad is by soaking it in baking soda and laundry detergent. The process goes thus, mix a tablespoon full of baking soda with laundry detergent and water, dip and allow the pad to soak for at least 15 minutes. When the 15 minutes time is up, rinse thoroughly and make sure the entire soap is washed off the pad. Then you can dry it outside or use the dryer to speed up the process.

Please note that the pads may look/turn grayish or brown after several uses, it doesn’t mean you should throw it away, it’s another sign of stain, rewashing will still work greatly.


What to Avoid When Cleaning Shark Steam Mop Pads

So long that there are many ways for how to clean shark steam mop pads, there are also things you must avoid. It is advised never to use softener or bleach because they can weaken the fabric of the mop pad, causing permanent wearing out of the cloth.

After cleaning, never attach a wet pad to a steam mop because it can cause mildew. So be patient to let the mop pad dry before fixing it back. In case there is a need for urgent use, don’t forget to use your dryer or the hot sun before re-fixing back to the steam cleaner.

Avoid using powdered detergent for cleaning because it can be harmful to the pad. Instead, use liquid laundry detergent always.


Conclusion : How to Clean Shark Steam Mop Pads?

Hope you liked this article and you’ve learned about How to Clean Shark Steam Mop Pads? If you have any doubts or any suggestions you can leave your comment in the comment box. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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