Dupray Home Steam Cleaner Review 2023

Dupray Home Steam Cleaner is a machine that uses steam as means for which to clean around the house. It is very powerful and all rounded cleaning machine that can also be used as a sanitation tool to sterilize and to clean around the house with. By turning water into a very energetic steam force, the house can be easily disinfected without using chemicals. The device has been handmade in Europe using the best of what Germany and Italy can offer in terms of components, creating a device that will save a lot for you in terms of time and energy.

This article provides you a complete Dupray Steam Cleaner Review so that you can get familiar with Dupray steam cleaner before you make up your mind to buy it. I personally have used this steam cleaner for a long time and through my experience, I would like to offer you the pros and cons of Dupray Steam Cleaner.

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Dupray Home Steam Cleaner Review 2023

 Dupray Home Steam Cleaner Review

Dupray Home Steam Cleaner has been in use in Europe for a number of years now and it has proved worth its mettle. It is the beginning to make an impact in North America as one of the best cleaning tools without having to resort to using chemicals.

By using dry steam that can be achieved by boiling less than 5% of water, the machine is without a doubt the best cleaning machine. The unit comes with a number of accessories that will remove dirt, grime, grease and mold in any part of the house and from any surface like, floors, bathrooms, mattresses and other areas of the house The product has a number of features that make it stand out and be a leader in steam cleaning.


Pros and Cons of Dupray Home Steam Cleaner

  • The steam control is adjustable.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • The steam is superheated.
  • It comes out at a very high pressure.
  • The steam cleaner is portable and very compact.
  • The water is heated for a minimum of just 8 minutes.
  • The steam that is released is only available for 25 minutes.
  • It does not have all the requisite accessories.
  • The steam cleaner is quite expensive.

Features of Dupray Home Steam Cleaner

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Dupray Steam Cleaner Review

The temperatures can reach up to a high of 212° Celsius (413° Fahrenheit) which then allows Dupray steam cleaner to disinfect bacteria and germ infested areas within the household. Especially if the house has a bedbug infestation, the Dupray steam cleaner will easily eradicate them in one fell swoop.

The water in the heater is usually boiling by the time it starts being used but for it to be effective, the pressures need to reach to about 170 psi/12 bar making it attain one of the highest temperature levels in the industry.

With such high temperatures, cleaning becomes very easy and very efficient to attain.

And the best part about it having to use chemicals is because of how environmentally sound minded the device is It does not need any chemicals or detergents that might be harmful to the environment.

The Boiler

The reason why the device works so well is that of one its major features, the boiler.

This is because the boiler was made to sustain temperatures far higher than the ones gained by the device. Having being built using stainless steel in a process similar to how planes are usually built, the boiler ensures that the user is safe from harm and can also depend on the boiler to do its job.

This is why even the company that makes the boiler offers a lifetime warranty on all its boilers.

What even makes this feature great is the pressure and temperature for which the boilers get to. With temperatures soaring to 212° and a pressure of 170 psi, there is a combination of both power and precision that will produce the best results that are very efficient.

Replaceable Heating Elements

Like everything else man-made, the heating element will eventually start wearing out and become less energy efficient as they begin to lose heat.

Some machines necessitate having the whole thing replaced but for the steam cleaner, all one needs to do is to replace the heating element and the device will be up and running again.

Some other machines will have more than one heating element and thus all that is needed is to replace just one.

And with developments in technology, newer elements are more powerful and very efficient and produce up to 28W.

With such types of heating elements, the boilers will, in turn, become much smaller and therefore a lower amount of water will be needed to generate the steam making it become more and more efficient.

Continuous Steam Technology

Dupray HOME Steam Cleaner

The market has 2 varieties of steam cleaners, single tank, and double tank.

Single tanks allow only for the water to be filled once to be used and then be filled again while the double tank uses continuous refill technology.

This means that the tanks will still continue with the cleaning while the tank is being refilled. And that is what all Dupray steam cleaning boilers are fitted with.

The continuous steam technology the user can refill the tank during operation and optimal production of steam will still be high due to the perfect levels of water.

Detergent and Water Injection

Dupray HOME Steam Cleaner Review
There are Dupray steam cleaners that come with the option of having a detergent or a steam injection feature that allows the detergent, which is biodegradable, to deep clean a surface.

This injection technology helps in cleaning off surfaces that are hard to reach by flushing out dirt which is dislodged, bathroom cleaning and kitchen cleaning.

Also, Dupray has its own biodegradable product which is an eco-friendly cleaning product. This product when used with steam will bring in unparallel levels of cleanliness that can only be gotten at such extremes.

Adjustable Pressure

The Dupray steam cleaners have a pressure system that is variable.

This allows the user to choose pressure between 12 psi to 170 psi according to how the user sees fit.

Some will even come with fingertip pressure controls that have been ingrained in the new user-friendly features of the making the process more efficient.

Integrated Vacuum Cleaner

The steam cleaners also come with integrated vacuums that will help in reducing the time used in cleaning the house.

The vacuums could be wet or dry to be boosted by steam extraction. The trash bag is no longer plastic as before but is now stainless steel as it offers more durability. It is very heated resistive and is aesthetically pleasing.

The steam extraction becomes handy with heavy duty cleaning especially when it comes to cleaning out pieces of gum that are stuck to the floor.

And as an added advantage, the steel tanks are easier to clean out thus the lifetime of the unit becomes extended.



Dupray HOME Steam Cleaner Review

The Dupray Home Steam Cleaner is very effective at doing its job.

Most importantly if you look at Dupray Home Steam Cleaner vs Dupray One Steam Cleaner features, clearly Dupray Home Steam Cleaner comes out to be the winner. Thus can accomplish a lot in terms of cleaning around the house.

Most importantly, Dupray is a reliable brand with outstanding products like Dupray carpet cleaner, Dupray one plus steam cleaner, etc. So, you can easily trust them.

Thus even if it is a bit above what can normally be spent on a steam cleaner, it is still a better option because the features that come with the device are worth the money spent on it.


Well, this was all from my side. Hope you liked Dupray Home Steam Cleaner Review and it answers most of your questions before buying Dupray Steam Cleaner. If you have any doubts regarding this steam cleaner or any suggestions, please comment down below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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