How To Clean Steam Mop Pads

In this post, you will learn How To Clean Steam Mop Pads.

When it comes to cleaning, often, we are worried about our flooring and other surfaces. We are worried about the best mop that we can use to keep our homes sparkly clean. We spend hours researching for the perfect steam mop that we can get at an affordable rate. However, most of us fail to realize that buying a steam mop is not the final step.

Maintenance is very important too. Surely, a material used to clean our surfaces is bound to get dirty too, right? So how do we clean our Steam Mop Pads so that they continue to keep the rest of our surroundings tidy? Keep reading to find out tips and tricks…

Steam mops are a great way to keep your floors clean. As compared to your conventional mops the steam mop does not require detergents. The mop uses heat from steam to keep your floor germ free. It comes with steam mop pads which trap dirt.

Some people actually throw away the steam mop pads, however, cleaning and reusing it will save you some money. The pads are made of microfiber which makes cleaning them a delicate matter.


How To Wash Steam Mop Pads

How To Clean Steam Mop Pad

Cleaning the pad in the right way will maintain it for a couple of years. This article will seek to explain the different ways you can clean it. From the different products, you should not use the pad to the different ways of cleaning.

Step By Step Guide On How To Clean Steam Mop Pads

First, when removing the pads always make sure the steam mop is cooled down, give it 15 minutes after use. Before you begin cleaning the pads always remember the microfibers are delicate. Hence using chemicals such as bleach may actually destroy it.

Every precaution should be taken to keep the microfibers from weakening. Too much stress on the fabric is not advisable.

Below are the best methods you can use to clean and maintain steam mop pads

steam mop pads cleaning

Use a washing machine

This is a simple and effective way to thoroughly clean. All you need to do is to place the pad inside the washing machine making sure not to mix different fabrics. With the microfibers being delicate using some fabrics may destroy them.

So always make sure to use the same type of fabric is inside the machine. Another safety measure is the type of detergents to use. Bleach and some fabric softeners are not suitable to use since they may end up destroying the pad. Also, the time to wash the pad should not be too long.

I can recommend this as a good way to wash the pad. As long as you follow those precautions the steam mop pads will last for a good time without weakening the microfibers.



This is a great and less tedious method. It cleans every part of the pad, this is achieved by using some ingredients.

For this, you require mixing water with detergent and about a teaspoon of baking powder.  After mixing deep the mop pad and let it stay there for around half an hour. The dirt and stains should be out by now. You can hand wash if it is not yet clean enough especially for stains which tend to be resistant.

Now all that is left is just to hang it in the sun for like an hour. Make sure the pad is dry been placing it back to the steam mop. The method should work really well especially with using baking powder.


Air Drying

This is another great way of cleaning your steam mop pads. All you have to use is a dryer which actually does not weaken the microfibers at all. The dryer removes dust and other particles without the need of using detergents.

I prefer this as the most effective method, though you should always make sure the dryer is at the right heat. Too much heat may weaken the dryer so always be keen.

Also, take care that you dry it with only other clothing that is made of the same fabric such as towels. By the end of it, you should be having a clean, dirt free pad. If you plan to have a long-lasting steam mop pad then this is one method I can advise you to use. Although it does not remove stains every particle of dirt will be removed.


Using a soft brush

This is one method that requires you to be very gentle. A soft brush will remove every inch of dirt. Always make sure the brush is soft enough not to tear off the microfibers.

Brush the pad gently in a straight line. you can use water mixed with detergent. Just place the pad on a flat surface and then a gentle scrubbing will surely give you the results needed. You can also use the scrubbing side of a sponge if you don’t have a brush. It is also an excellent way of softening the fabric if it had stiffened up.


Hand Washing

This is a basic cleaning method but works in great ways at the same time not destroying your fabric. Dip the steam mop pads in water mixed with detergent then gently begin to wash. It is a sure way to remove all that dirt.

This is one method that enables you to keep it clean and at the same time maintain the microfibers at the place. Wash until its clean enough then place it in clean water to rinse. After you are done place it outside to dry.


What not to do when cleaning steam mop pads?

How To Clean Steam Mop Pads

There are many common cleaning ways that you cannot apply to the steam mop pad. The most important is to remember what not to clean with.

Firstly, when using detergent try to avoid the powder type. Next bleach and fabric softeners should not at any time be used if you expect the pad to be last for a long time. Heat is another danger towards microfibers, too much may weaken the fabric.

So as long as you avoid using any of these you are guaranteed of a long-lasting, clean steam mop pad. to keep your floor clean at the same time. With great care, your assured of a clean pad.

Those are just some of the few methods you can use to make of. As seen these methods make sure you maintain the microfiber in good condition. Always making sure gentleness is applied when using either of the methods.

One essential item you should always have to clean is baking powder. It helps a lot with breaking down dirt. Instead of taking it to a dry cleaner it’s advisable to clean it yourself. The necessary precautions mentioned are to be followed. Before placing it back to the steam mop make sure the pad is well dry.

Conclusion: How To Clean Steam Mop Pads

Well, that was all from my side. Hope you enjoyed reading this guide for How To Clean Steam Mop Pads. If you have any suggestions or any doubts you can comment down in the comment section.

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