How to Use Shark Steam Mop? – Step by Step


How to Use a Shark Steam Mop?

Shark Steam Mops have made floor cleaning really simple. In this post we will show you step by step how to use a shark steam mop.

How to Use Shark Steam Mop

Steam mops are great for cleaning floors without worrying about a clumsy bucket full of water, or using harsh chemicals. This makes them safe to use around children and pets.


shark steam mop guide

First , you need to make sure the electrical cord is plugged firmly into a wall outlet. If the plug fits loosely in the outlet, the mop may not work properly.

The steam mop will be ready to use and start producing steam roughly 30 seconds after you turn it on.

If your Shark steam mop model has different cleaning settings, choose which one you want depending on the job that needs to be done, then start to clean.


Intelligent Steam Control Settings Shark Steam Mop


Steps to start mopping

After the mop has finished its heating cycle, follow these steps to start mopping:

Step 1

After the shark steam mop has warmed up, start the steam flowing by pumping the handle two to three times.

If steam doesn’t start flowing from the mop after the third pump, wait a fsew minutes for the unit to heat the water up a bit more, then try again.

Step 2

Glide the mop across the area to be cleaned in a smooth, back and forth motion. This type of motion automatically causes the handle to pump, releasing more steam.

Step 3

Keep in mind to start at the furthest side of the room, working your way towards a door or open area to keep from steeping on the clean portion of the floor. Nothing ruins a clean floor faster than unsightly footprints everywhere.

Step 4

Keep a close eye on the mop pad to make sure it doesn’t get caked with dirt.

Moving a dirty pad over your floor can scratch delicate finishes.

If the pad has become dirty, flip it over and use the clean side to finish mopping the room.

Step 5

Observe the water levels in the water tank as well. Once the water falls too low, the mop will stop producing steam.

If your mop stops steaming, and it is firmly plugged into the wall, the tank may need to be refilled with water. This can happen when cleaning a large room or multiple rooms.

There is a special line on the tank to show you how much water to add.

Adding too much water will cause the mop to not work properly. After adding water to the tank, make sure the cap is secured so water doesn’t splash out.


After Using The Shark Steam Mop

Once you have finished mopping your floor, allow the mop to cool down for 3 minutes, while in an upright position.

Once the mop has cooled, remove the pad and pour the water out of the tank.

Wash the pad in a washing machine using a gentle laundry detergent, with no other items.

Washing the pad along with other items, such as towels, will cause it to attract lint. Air-dry the clean pad, or use an electric dryer on a low setting.


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