Bissell Spinwave vs Shark Genius Steam Mop – Comparison 2018

Guess you are looking for a nice steam mop for your house, office, etc and the two names you are hearing a lot are Bissell Spinwave and Shark Genius Steam Mop. Well, you should because these two are among top-selling, reputable steam mops. If you are confused for which one to choose between these two steam mops then keep on reading this article: “Bissell Spinwave vs Shark Genius Steam Mop”. This is a detailed comparison between these two steam mops. Here you’ll get all of your answers.

Bissell Spinwave vs Shark Genius Steam Mop

bissell spinwave vs shark genius steam mop

Have you ever thought of cleaning your floor without touching dirt or without causing pain in your body and enjoying! Thanks to our advanced technology that has added varieties of new features in the Mop like Steam technology, Spray Technology, Spinning Technology and so on which can make your dream of having a clean and shiny floor true without causing too much trouble for you and your body.

In the market, you can find many mops having these features and some of them might seem complicated to use and expensive as well. In that case, I will suggest BisseII spin-wave mop that offers spinning moping and Shark genius steam mop for Steam moping. Which one of them you need depends on your demand and your choice of working pattern. To help you more to choose, I am labeling the comparison between BisseII Spinwave Mop and Shark Genius Steam Mop.

The Cleaning Psychology

Though both of the mops, The Bissell Spinwave Mop and Shark Genius Steam Mop will clean your floor like it was never dirty before, their working pattern is different! To clean up your floor the use different psychology and both of them are effective!

Bissell Spinwave Steam Mop

The Bissell Spinwave Mop believes in the polishing and scrubbing psychology which it does through its Spinning Pads. There are two pairs of spinning pads:

One Pair of soft spinning pads for daily cleaning and polishing your floor allowing you a gentle scrub

One pair of scrubbing pads for the sticky messes on your floor.

You can spray the cleaning solution through the Spray button and the right amount of solution will be dispensed in front of your spinning pads!

Shark Genius Steam Mop

On the other hand, The Shark Genius Steam Mop goes for the steaming methods so that the sticky hard stain gets moisture by the steam and you can easily wipe them up through the dirt grip pads. The steam process works on two different ways in this amazing steam mop:

1. Steam through cleaning pad: This way allows you to clean your floor continuously while the steam is coming through the pads. You will not be needing to spray any extra cleaning solution here as the steam will come through the cleaning pads all the time and will give you shiny floor!

2. Steam in front: This option will allow you to spray steam directly onto the dirty area by flipping the mop’s head and clean it up.

You can set the steaming speed in three different levels: Low. Medium and High

Water Tank

Bissell Spinwave Steam Mop

The Bissell Spinwave Mop has an Easy- Fill Tank which you can fill up easily with water and different floor cleaning formula that allows you to spray it on the sticky dirt of your floor.

Shark Genius Steam Mop

The Shark Genius Steam Mop has a water tank of 0.35L capacity that converts the water into steam for cleaning.

Cleaning Capability

The cleaning capability of both mops is incredible. Where The BisseII Spinwave Mop wipes, polishes and scrubs though it’s spinning pad technology, The Shark Genius Steam Mop simply run its steam technology on the dirt by offering a gentle wipe with the special dirt grip pads. And both of the mops are able to clean hardwoods, vinyl, and other delicate floors.


Bissell Spinwave Steam Mop

This spin-wave mop of 9.5 pounds Weight with 45 inches height, is very handy to use and cleans the floor perfectly. The mop is very flexible in case of turning and laying flat to clean under the furniture of your home. But the best part of this mop is you do not need to use your hand to scrub as the scrubbing pad is assisting you for that. And after the pads getting dirty you can take them off and throw them into your washing machine. The only limitation of this mop is cleaning the narrow corners of your home as the mop requires minimum 14 inches space.

The Shark Genius Steam Mop

This is a super flexible steam mop of 5.78 pounds weight and 47.1 inches height, offering you a gentle and effective steam wipe on your floor. Because of the shape and flexibility of its head, you can clean every corner of your home! And this steam mop not only helps you on cleaning your floor but also ensures the safety of your hand for which it does not allow you to even touch its dirty pad. Yes! this steam mop has a switch that helps the mop to take off the dirty pads by itself and you will never touch the dirt!


The Bissell Spinwave Mop

Along with the mop, you will get

1 easy fill-tank,

1pair of soft-touch pads,

1 pair of scrubby pads,

1 special floor cleaning formula

The Shark Genius Steam Mop

With this steam mop, you will get

1 water tank

1 replacement pad

1 extra pole

1 Floor cleaning solution

Now it’s up to you whether you want to clean your floor by spinning mop or steam mop but the shine of your floor is guaranteed. So hurry up, make your decision and enjoy cleaning your home!

Conclusion: Bissell Spinwave vs Shark Genius Steam Mop

If I had to choose one between Bissell spinwave and Shark Genius, I would choose Bissell Spinwave. It is because considering all these above factors and taking price into the picture Bissell Spinwave is a better value for money.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. if you have any questions regarding these two steam mops or any suggestion to give, feel free to comment down in the comment box. I’ll be glad to read them.


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