Bissell Symphony vs Shark Genius Steam Mop – Comparison 2018

Well, if you are looking to buy a steam mop, you might have heard about these 2 steam mops- Bissell Symphony and Shark Genius. Due to their high reputation, both of these steam mops are among best-selling steam mops. But which one of them would be perfect for you? If you are confused which one of these 2 steam mops you should buy, read this article ‘ Bissell Symphony vs Shark Genius Steam Mop ‘ where we have done a detailed comparison on the basis of important aspects for e.g steam settings, cleaning capability, accessories, water tank capacity, etc.

Bissell Symphony vs Shark Genius Steam Mop

Bissell symphony and shark genius are steam mop systems that are designed to use steam to clean up various types of floors. they use steam to remove dirt stuck on the floor and are designed in a compact shape for easy handling.

These two steam pocket mop systems are highly reputed steam mops with different features though they
serve the same purpose. Let’s look at the comparison and later conclude which one we think is the better.


Bissell Symphony

Bissell Symphony is a steam mop plus vacuum cleaner at the same time which is a revolutionized technology in the history of steam mop or vacuum cleaners. This means that you don’t have to spend extra money to buy them differently as you get both of their features in the same machine. The pet vacuum can be used in cleaning pets
hair along with dirt, dust, and debris.

It has digital controls touches which when put on it switches steamer from being a vacuum to a steam cleaner instantly. Bissel symphony has a five-way adjustable handle and a quick -release mop pad tray.

It has easy touch digital control helps to switch to various tasks and steam level to vacuum debris and steaming hard floors simultaneously. It has a disposable mop that cleans pets messes leaving behind a fresh open window scent. It also has an efficient suction powder that can pick up even the smallest of pet hair.

Shark Genius

Shark Genius has been made in a way comes with a touch-free technology that releases and attaches the Dirt Grip Pad instantly. The pad itself is super absorbent and is woven to lift and lock dirt. It uses the powerful burst of steam to swipe away tough, stuck-on messes even from grout lines, crevices, and corners. Once done, the pad dries quickly for reuse later.

Shark genius comes with a Direct Channeling system that delivers the steam directly on stains for better effectiveness. It also features next-gen technologies such as touch-free, dirt grip pads, and steam blaster technology.


Bissell Symphony

Bissel symphony comes with 1 washable soft mop pad and 1 washable scrubby mop pad for different purposes which ease in accessibility during cleaning. A washable mop can be used to clean everyday messes, disposable Swiffer for cleaning tougher messes, and a throwaway steam boost mop pad for cleaning pet messes.

Shark Genius

Shark genius kit comes with 2 dirt grip pads with a dual-sided pad which has a special striped of gripping material. It
has been woven to pick up dirt and lock it for a thorough cleaning. The pad is a good absorber and dries faster. Since it isn’t a multi-surface steam cleaner hence, it doesn’t come with extra accessories for other surfaces.


just like the Bissell symphony
Bissell symphony and shark genius works best ob same surfaces they can be easily used on both bare and
hard surfaces but its always recomended we test on an isolated area before begging to understand its

Water tank capacity

Bissel symphony

Bissel symphony has a huge capacity of 380 ml of water tank capacity. If you have a larger area to clean and prefer cleaning in one go, a larger tank capacity is better.

Shark genius

Shark genius has the capacity of 350 ml. A small size water tank is fine for smaller spaces and personal cleaning. Do note that smaller tanks require a frequent refill of water tank if used for larger cleaning areas and can be time
consuming or inconvenient.

Steam settings

Bissel symphony

Bissel symphony comes with 3 easy touch digital controls:

  • The low-steam which can be used for light cleaning purposes for dirt and light non-sticky stains.
  • Suction allows you to switch your steam mop into a vacuum cleaner which picks up dirt, debris, pet hairs, etc very easily.
  • The high-steam setting allows you to remove the tough sticky stains pretty easily.

Shark genius

Shark genius has three main steams settings-

  • The low-steam setting which is suitable for light cleaning purposes like dusting, loosing and lighting dirt.
  • The mid-steam setting which is meant for cleaning moderate areas with not tough or light dirt.
  • A high-steam setting recommended for use on deep cleaning and removal of tough stains.


Bissell symphony has a microfiber mop pads that are usable and machine washable. It is advised that white
pad be used especially on surfaces kids crawl or play mostly because those are areas that need high hygiene
care.are and a white stripped pad is meant for scrubbing heavily soilled floors and removing tougher messes.
A Shark Genius review by Laurie Ross states that the

mop is easy to use and is flexible. The problem she that it left behind streaks everywhere and is a bit
difficult to push

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