Bissell Crosswave vs Shark Genius Steam Mop – Comparison 2018

Bissell Crosswave Vs Shark Genius Steam Mop

To keep your floors clean and shining, you will need a good steam mop. Good steam mops are capable of cleaning and sanitizing your floor surfaces eliminating dirt, debris, and microbial growth. It is a great addition to your cleaning closet.
Bissell and Shark are the two most popular brand names in the floor cleaning industry. Let’s stack up Bissell Crosswave and Shark Genius against each other and compare the two Keep reading to find out the differences between these two top-rated floor cleaners.
Cleaning Performance
– Bissell Crosswave
Bissell Crosswave comes with a great suction power and a multi-surface brush roll. It comes with a cleaning solution and it can be used to vacuum debris on the hard surfaces as well as rugs.
Sometimes, you won’t find the suction to be powerful enough and you might have to go over certain areas a number of times to clean it You might struggle a little bit to cover the corners.
You can choose the floor or the carpet mode and use different amounts of liquid, depending upon the area For the tougher areas, you can press a button on the handle to release more liquid.
– Shark Genius
Shark Genius is an effective floor cleaner and it is very simple to use After filling the reservoir with water, you can select the level of steam. It comes with two washable pads and it can easily pick up all the grime from the floor surface.
Just like Bissell Crisswave, you might have to put an extra effort to clean the corners. However, it is capable of handling pretty much everything you throw at it
Steam Settings
– Bissell Crosswave
You can switch between the modes for hard floor and rug area with the touch controls on the handle. It adjusts the steam levels itself according to the mode you selected and the type of area you’re cleaning.
– Shark Genius
Shark Genius allows you to customize the levels of steam you need for each cleaning task. With three different levels, you will be able to get rid of the hardest stains easily.
– Bissell Crosswave
You can easily find the accessories you will need to continue using the Bissell Crosswave. Once you run out of the cleaning formula, you will need to get another one It’s highly recommended to use the formula supplied by the Bissell for the optimal performance.
Besides the formula, you will need to replace the brush and the filter Your usage dictates how frequently you need to replace them.
– Shark Genius
You will need to replace the cleaning pads to get the best performance out of the Shark Genius. You can easily wash the pads but after prolonged use, you will need to replace them.
– Bissell Crosswave
As the Bissell Crosswave does not come with a battery, you need to keep it plugged into a wall outlet during use Depending on the area, you might find it difficult to move it around everywhere. An extension cord will allow you to move it around everywhere without an issue.
The Crosswave is not too heavy and you can move it around without much effort. To clean under tables or corners can be a bit tricky at times as it does not come with a curved cleaning pad.
– Shark Genius
Shark Genius also weighs relatively the same as Bissell Crosswave and you can easily move it around. The powerful steam action and ability to use different settings make it little more effective to clean the corners.
Water Tank Capacity
Bissell Crosswave has a water tank capacity of up to 0.13L. Shark Genius has a water tank capacity of up to 500m1.
Final Verdict
Bissell and Shark, both are renowned names in the floor cleaning industry. Bissell Crosswave as well as Shark Genius, both are capable of keeping your floors shining clean and free from debris.
As far as performance is concerned, Shark Genius at the highest setting is capable of cleaning every nook and corner with ease. However, Bissell Crosswave won’t disappoint you either in most situations.
If you need greater control over the steam settings, you can go with the Shark Genius. If you want to cover a greater area without refilling water, you can go with the Bissell Crosswave.

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