Bissell Crosswave vs Bissell Symphony Steam Mop – Comparison 2018

The Bissell Crosswave and the Bissell Symphony are multi-purpose machines of high quality that have
revolutionalized how cleaning the floor is done. The two have made it possible to vacuum and mop the floor
simultaneously. The Bissell Symphony is a two-in-one cleaning equipment that vacuums and mops at the
same time. The Bissell Crosswave has the ability to not only vacuum but also wash. Whereas they both yield
sterling results, they have varying features and function in different ways.

Bissell Crosswave vs Bissell Symphony Mop


The Bissell Crosswave cleans using a brush roll and vacuums at the same time. Overall, the Bissell
Crosswave cleans better than the Bissell Symphony. It works well on stubborn messes that would otherwise
need scrubbing particularly those found where movement is high. It also cleans all floorings with hard
surfaces and area rugs. The Crosswave does not pick heavy debris.

The Bissell Symphony vacuums and cleans with steam, sanitizing the floor in the process. It has two steam
levels meant for light and heavy dirt. With its high power to suction, rest assured that debris of various sizes
and weights will be picked up. The Symphony is restricted to indoors with floor surfaces which are hard.

it can be purchased with a carpet glider kit, it is still not a carpet cleaner per say. It only refreshes the carpet.
This kit has to be fixed when cleaning carpets and removed when switching back to cleaning hard floors.

The Bissell Symphony comes with a package of both the water filter and vacuum filter kit, four steam pads
along with a measuring cup which is used to fill the tank.

The Bissell Crosswave on the other hand is purchased with a multi-floor brush as well as a bottle that
contains cleaning solution.

Built Design

In appearance, the Bissell Symphony Iooks narrower than the Bissell Crosswave. The Crosswave comes with
two tanks: one for dirty water and the other for a cleaning solution. The Symphony does not use a cleaning
solution: only water. The Bissell Crosswave has two kinds of microfiber pads. One for the kind of dirt that is
easy to remove and a heavy duty pad for stuck stains. The Crosswave has a brush roll that is designed to
spin at a high rotation rate of 3500 RPM.

The Bissell Crosswave is easily handled using the smart touch buttons. Switching the setting from a hard
floor to a carpet area is therefore no hassle. It is also great for uneven surfaces. It has a trigger that controls
moisture content. Thus, none of the vacuumed areas will be overly wet making cleaning very convenient.
The Bissell Symphony has advanced technology in the emptying of dirt in a hands-free manner. This
simplified emptying process handles pet hairs and debris with ease. It warms up in 30 seconds

before it is ready to use. It also has an adjustable handle to suit your


Both vacuum cleaners have an upright appearance making their storage easy.


Maintenance of both has been made easy as long as the dust bins, brush or cleaning pads as well as filters
are replaced as frequently as required. While the Bissell Crosswave has one filter that can

be washed and reused, the Bissell Symphony has two: the vacuum filter whose dust can be shaken off, and
the water filter which has tiny green grains which require changing when they become blue. The Bissell
Symphony has a washable cleaning pad.


The Bissell Crosswave weighs close to a pound more than the Bissell Symphony. Although this is not a
significant weight difference, pushing the Symphony around is easier than its counterpart. Both are still
portable. They have sufficient cord lengths of 25’ that offers a wide radius for cleaning large rooms.
Compared to the Symphony, the Crosswave is more maneuverable given that it has a swivel head. The
Symphony is not easy to maneuver since its nozzle does not swivel. This makes cleaning narrow spots or
tight spaces an

issue that it is still wanting in.

In summary, selecting between the Bissell Crosswave and the Bissell Symphony will depend on your needs. If
you want a vacuum

cleaner for hard floors only, or one that will clean pet hair, then the

Symphony is right for you. However, the Crosswave will work for you if your floor also has carpets or rugs.
With any of these two cleaners, expect a spotless ambiance.

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